Meet the Band

(off the record )


Bass / Vocals

Dave is very mysterious.

No one knows where he's from.

No one knows where he lives.

No one knows where he acquired his fashionable Louis Vuitton guitar stap.

But, we all know that Dave...

is an excellent bass player !   


Lead Vocals / Guitar

Jason has been playing music off and on his whole life.  Some of his earliest memories are of him sitting at his mother’s antique organ hunting and pecking out single note melodies of his favorite songs.  Recognizing their son’s interest and talent, Jason’s parents signed him up for accordion lessons when he was four years old.  He later picked up the alto saxophone in junior high school. 

Jason also got an early start performing for an audience.  When he was nine years old, he and some friends would dress up like the rock band KISS (yes…. makeup and all).  They would put on a “concert” at which they would air guitar and lip sync to the KISS Alive II album.  They canvassed the neighborhood selling tickets to their “concert,” and yes, people (mostly other kids in the neighborhood) actually bought tickets. 

As an adult, Jason picked up the guitar.  He learned to play by hanging out with friends who played very well.  He learned how to play rather quickly because, “If I didn’t, they wouldn’t let me hang out with them.  The best way to learn how to do something is to surround yourself with people who are really good at it.” 

When a group of his friends was starting a band, they invited Jason to sit in with them for a session.  What he didn’t know was that the group was not looking for another guitar player, they were looking for a singer.  During the session, one of the guys suggested the unplugged version of Layla by Eric Clapton.  They asked Jason if he knew the words, and he did. They said, “Don’t play on this one.  Just sing it.”  After the session, the group leader told Jason, “The bad news is that we don’t need another guitar player.  The good news is that we need a singer.” 



Songwriter, musician, audio engineer and producer  Phil Klahn has been playing and producing music  in Portland/Vancouver for more than 25 years.  Phil played Christian and Gospel music in numerous ministries and produced his own and other artist's solo projects, as well as the Gospel Sons' "Tears of Joy" project.  In the late 1990's, he joined local band Anonymous as a keyboardist, which then morphed into keyboards and guitar for Mr. Completely.  Mr. Completely underwent a personality makeover for the purpose of producing an original CD project under the name The Rust.  Along with his keyboard and guitar contributions, Phil teamed with Singer Pat Yadon to get the project to final product.  Under the name Phankl, Phil produces and occasionally performs original songs from his three solo CD's, Large Lard Canard, Rare Indigo, and The Weather.  After years of focusing on audio and with no prior background in visual arts, Phil jumped into world of animation and video as a creative diversion, which resulted in the Phanklmusic YouTube Channel, featuring music videos of various Phankl tunes.  He created as a one stop hub for all his solo related work.


Phil plays with various bands and projects, which have included the Backburners, the Gospel Truth Vocal Band, North Point, Candy O, and the City River Band, and sits in with other great local bands when he can.  He continues to support music ministries and is a mentor to musicians and performers, young and young at heart.




Dave's mother loved music, and especially the drums.  She encouraged him as a youth but it wasn't until he was 28 years old that he finally relented.  He began playing with friends from Cleveland High School.  His first gig was with the Ultronz in Hood River.  The Ultronz plugged-in to the wind-surf/surfcircuit up the Gorge and at the coast for decades.  Dave also played with the cover band, The Touchable, opening for Johnny Rivers, Grand Funk, Paul Revere and the Raiders and others. 

Dave now enjoys playing with Off The Record.


Lead Guitar

Ryan was born into a musical family, and began playing the guitar at the age of 9.  His father, Sherman Neal, is an accomplished musician in the style of Chet Atkins, and his uncles and grandfather all played home-spun bluegrass music.

Ryan continued to play guitar off and on while growing up, but it wasn’t until the age of 24 when he advanced his musical interests, surprisingly, on the mandolin.    “I was at a family reunion  listening to my uncle Jim play Alabama Jubilee on the mandolin, and something just struck a chord with me”, Ryan recalls.  From that point forward, Ryan became skilled on the mandolin, even placing 5th in the 2007 Oklahoma State Mandolin Flatpicking Championship.

Though armed with his father’s knack for thumb-picking and his uncle’s bluegrass runs, when it came time to join a band in 2009 - the electric guitar won out…  “The girls like it better than the mandolin”, Ryan was rumored to have said.

Ryan is an accomplished player, able to cover a variety of playing styles which closely match the artist’s original recordings.   Ryan notes, “it’s great when you can play the song just like the crowd remembers it… off the record.”  Rare among guitarists, Ryan utilizes midi-controlled digital effects - live on stage.  This enables him to achieve the endless variety of guitar tones and effects needed to accurately cover the diversity of songs on the set list.