(PA System = Mixing Board or "Mixer" + Amplified Speakers)

Having good musicians in the band is one thing... But in order to sound good to the audience the band must have a quality PA system suitable for the venue.  The PA system manages all of the individual vocal microphones and instrument signals, balances the volumes across all signals, then projects that mix back toward the audience.  The PA system is also used for stage monitoring, event announcements and to playback recorded music during band breaks...  because even when the band isn't on stage, the PA is hard at work playing music for the crowd.

Why is the type of PA system important? 

  • If you don't have a large enough mixer, you can't capture all of the instruments and the result will be an unbalanced sound and "dead spots" in the room.
  • If you don't have powerful enough speakers for an outdoor venue, you can't get a clean sound when you turn up the speaker volumes.  Commonly, lower power/quality PA speakers can produce undesirable hum, hiss and crackle sounds when driven too hard.

For the best music experience, Off The Record has invested in the Line 6 Dream Stage PA System, which consists of the StageScape M20D 20 channel wifi/USB compatible  digital mixer, a pair of StageSource 3-way L3T main speakers, and a pair of system matched StageSource L3S subwoofers - each subwoofer consists of two 10" speakers dedicated to driving the beat.  All speakers have built in advanced DSP technology (digital signal processing) which automatically adjusts frequencies and speaker characteristics for the best possible live sound reproduction.

The system output ranges from 1,400 watts to 6,000 watts, and can be scaled to the specific venue.  With this state of the art Dream Stage PA System, Off The Record can deliver outstanding audio projection  - whether you have a small club, or a 5,000 person outdoor venue. 

It's time to ROCK !!